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Tips on How to Stop DDOS Attacks

How to stop Ddos attacksThere are many ways on how to stop DDOS attacks. Before you can tackle the various ways in preventing this type of attack you should first learn why people do these attacks and what do they gain by doing it. DDOS attack is actually an attempt by several individuals to make computer systems and resources unavailable to its current users. One common method is based on filling up the target’s server machine with several communication requests which would have a significant effect to the machine. Because of the increase in traffic, one would not be able to respond to legitimate based traffic and they would not be able to stop the flooding which would then be the cause of the system to be inactive. It is important for server owners to know how to stop DDOS attacks so that their servers would not fall victim to system failure. Through the use of several techniques and procedures, computer technicians and system analysts would be able to stop such threats. They have trained for a long time and they know how to stop DDOS attacks before it strikes. Read more

How to Protect Against DDoS Attacks

How to protect against ddos attacks is very essential information to know about. This would help you to prevent your computers from unsafe servers and network. Generally, these attacks are possible only if your computer is under attacked server or untrusted network. Everybody is not perfect with use4 of the computers. In fact, many of us are still in the learning phase. We need to update ourselves about such attacks and get a clear about prevention of these attacks.  Read more